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  • My first ever experience with Bibimbop!

  • Thanks to my generous brother, I was lucky enough to fly back to Boston to see family and friends over the holidays. It was a great week, full of delicious food and lots of good times. My favorite new discovery over the week was Korean Bibimbop, a dish I'd heard and read about for years, but had yet to try. Fortunately my good friends Ted and Ravit are hooked on it and that their favorite Korean place was just around the corner from our neighborhood in Somerville.  So we (along with my best friend Kim) walked there just before closing for a late night bibimbop snack. For anyone who hasn't had it, let me tell you all about it. Bibimbop is a signature Korean dish piled high with sautéed vegetables, either steak or tofu, and a sunny side up fried egg. The idea is that you mix that hot runny egg through the veggies, meat and rice and create a nice mixed up dish, adjuting it to your liking and heat tolerance with the fiery red sauce they bring in small dishes to the table. Thankfully I w[...]