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  • porchetta at Salumi, oh my.

  • Salumi is Iron Chef Mario Batali's parents' highly regarded deli and sandwich shop, tucked unassumingly into Pioneer Square.  Never fear, if you are worried about finding it, there is a clue; namely, the line that forms and twists around the block, even before they've opened their doors at 11 am each day.  I heard about this, but was still shocked at just how many people were there extra early, eagerly awaiting sandwiches and pasta specials.  I've wanted to try salumi ever since I learned that my boyfriend's chef sister used to work here, crafting the salami and other cured meats that they are so famous for.  Once I realized my window of opportunity was closing, I jumped for it. See, the thing about Salumi is that it's only opened from 11 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.  So if you hold down a 9-5 and don't work in Pioneer Square, you may never have the good fortune to try this delectable food.  Since I'm about to start a new job and knew I would likely not get a chance to go agai[...]
  • Dinette, you have my heart

  • Oh Seattle, you delicious vixen.  You keep this up and you won't be able to get rid of me. This week was a great week with lots of good news to celebrate.  M and I knew we wanted to celebrate with a night out at a restaurant we had yet to try, and my list of options? HUGE.  I've been bookmarking restaurants on yelp for the last two months of living here, taking suggestions from 'best of' lists, yelp reviews, chowhound threads, and individual recommendations.   After a terrible gnocchi experience in Redmond last week at a place reckless enough to serve us boxed, barilla brand gnocchi, I decided we needed a great gnocchi experience, one that would rival the amazing gnocchi at one of our favorite restaurants in Cambridge, Hungry Mother.  And oh did I find it.  I realized Dinette in Capitol Hill had the west coast gnocchi of my dreams when I read an insane person on yelp complain in a review that the gnocchi was too soft and fluffy.  Too soft and fluffy!  Like soft and fluffy gnocchi is[...]
  • A wintery birthday dinner at Cafe Juanita

  • I have been treated to some amazing meals in my life, but last night's meal at Cafe Juanita was without a doubt one of  my top five dining experiences. Of my life.  Cafe Juanita has been on my radar since I read about Holly Smith's food in the October 2007 issue of the now defunct and much missed Gourmet Magazine.  That article featured delicious, hearty dishes for an October meal, featuring the same deeply flavored vegetables and meats that were crafted for us last night.  Since then I've watched her battle (and crush) Cat Cora on Iron Chef America, be nominated for James Beard awards, and compete (and get kicked off far too soon) from The Next Iron Chef. But that was Fate's way of telling her to hold tight, to stay in Kirkland, because a Very Important Person would be moving there in the next few years who desperately needed to taste her dishes.  I'm so incredibly thankful that she's still here, rather than in New York, cooking on tv.  Because her meal made my year, just ten days [...]
  • eat * drink * herb * spice

  • Right before the holidays, I had the good fortune to dine at a restaurant that was perched at the top of my Seattle restaurant bucket list.  To say it blew my mind would be the understatement of the (end of the) year.  The entire experience at Poppy-- from the modern interior, the great branding, the attentive service, and most of all the spectacular food, just rocked my world.  I wasn't sure I'd love the Thali dining experience, worried that receiving all my small plates at once would be too much, or that my food would get cold.  But I was wrong.  It was a perfect platter, my entree surrounded by the most succulent, beautifully prepared seasonal vegetables, nestled in their own little dishes.  It really were the vegetables that got me, so much so that I might go for the vegetarian Thali on my next visit.  You know a genius is in the kitchen when you feel that strongly about the vegetables.  Nothing was overly fussy, he just happened to throw in just the right touches to accent the dis[...]