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  • A Story in the Desert

  • When I was looking to book a room in northern Arizona on my way to Los Angeles, I didn't really have any plan in mind.  I saw that if I drove a long day I could make it to Flagstaff, but I was exhausted from my drive cross country and just wanted to drive a shorter, less stressful day.  I ended up picking a town at random and I settled on a 'blink and you miss it' little town called Holbrook, Arizona.  I expected it to be an uneventful stay, but it ended up being the most memorable stop on my trip. It would have been an entirely ordinary stay, except I asked the motel owner about his accent (Polish) and what brought him to Arizona, of all places.   All he said at first was that he bought the motel on the internet, sight unseen, and it ruined his life.  He told me he lost his wife, his kids, everything.  He gestured to his dog, and said that he was all he had left. It was a sad little glimpse into this man's life.  I wanted to know more, but felt strange asking, so I just said tha[...]